Frequently Asked

About Your Upcoming Stay


When Is Check-in / Check-out?

A: Check-in is at 3:00pm & Check-out is at 12:00pm

There may be additional fees/charges for early check-in or late check-out (if available). There is a link on your booking confirmation email to request early check-in or late check-out.


Where Is Firewood?

A: Underneath the car port of the greeting house & behind the Osage cabin

Use 2-3 fire starter logs (not provided) to get your fire going. Please be responsible about the size of your fire and observe burn bans posted by the sheriff. Fire extinguishers are marked on the property, make yourself aware of where the nearest fire extinguisher and water source are BEFORE starting a fire. You are responsible for extinguishing your fire. No plastic, cans, or trash may be burned in the firepits or fireplaces.


Where Can I Eat?

A: Plan on bringing your own meals to prepare at East Bank

East Bank does not have an on-site restaurant, food service, or any vending machines. We can have food catered in from Iron Rail Brewing for groups that order ahead of their stay, there is a $250 charge to use any other outside caterer. A grill is located on the property next to the pool that guests are welcome to use. You are encouraged to bring food, plates, utensils, and any other items you will need to prepare and serve your meals. Clean up the area and throw away all trash when your meal is over. Neighboring towns also have a few restaurants you can dine at.


Where Can I Drink?

A: Plan on bringing your own alcohol

East Bank does not have a liquor license. Therefore it is a BYOB policy so you are encouraged to bring your own alcohol for your stay. Drink responsibly and keep the property clean of canns, bottles, cups, etc. or you may be billed for cleanup fees.


How Do I Open The Gate?

A: You will be provided a code

East Bank allows guests to check themselves in. You will be provided a code to the gate at the entrance of the property. This code will be communicated ahead of your stay via text message. There is no code needed to exit the property, you simply pull your car up to the black pole before the wooden fence on the left hand side before the gate. If you drive too close to the gate it will not open.


What Recreational Activites Are There?

A: Fishing, Basketball, Tennis, Pickleball, Hiking, Biking, & More

Fishing/Tackle Gear will not be provided to guests, you are encouraged to bring your own if you would like to fish out of the creek or ponds on the property. We do have a small supply of basketballs, tennis balls, tennis rackets, and pickleball supplies but we still recommend you bring your own supplies.


Is The Property ADA Accessible?

A: Only Designated Rooms On The Property

The entire property is not ADA accessible. There are established rooms that are ADA accessible.


Are Pets Allowed?

A: No

No pets are allowed on the property. Please let us know in advance if you have a service animal that needs to accompany you during your stay.


Can I Bring Additional Guests That Aren't Staying?

A: All Guests Must Be Disclosed At Time of Booking

Any additional guests present on the property that are not disclosed at the time of booking, or do not have a room reserved, are subject to a $100 fee.


Where Do I Park?

A: Directly In-Front of Your Cabin or In-Front of the Fence by the Lodge

When you are staying in a cabin, please park directly in front of your room. Please do not block the paved circle drive as other vehicles need to be able to drive through. If you are staying in the lodge, please park perpendicular to the black fence in front of the lodge. Please do not block other vehicles from being able to drive in front of the lodge.


Is Smoking Allowed?

A: There Are Designated Smoking Areas

No smoking is allowed inside any of the facilities at East Bank. Smoking must be at least 20 feet from any entrance and you must deposit butts in our receptacles. There is a designated smoking area behind the conference center.


What Do I Do with Extra Trash?

A: Extra Trash Bags Are Provided

Large kitchen size trash bags are in the drawer above the microwave in each cabin. Please use if needed rather than overflowing the small trash can in the room.


Can I Bring Recreational Vehicles?

A: No

There are no ATVs, 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, or other recreational vehicles allowed on the property. RV's are allowed but there are not any RV hookups provided at East Bank.


Are Firearms & Archery Allowed?

A: No

Use of guns/archery on the property is prohibited. Firearms must be properly stored in a case or vehicle during your stay if they are traveling with you.


Are There Insects Outside?

A: Seasonally

During the spring and summer months there are many insects found outside on the property. Plan ahead and bring insect repellants to deter mosquitos and ticks.